GREAT Recipes

GREAT Recipes

Smiling Chef Completing a Dish

Converting recipes to be gluten-free doesn’t have to be hard!  Sometimes, a few simple ingredient switches will transform a gluten-containing dish into a tasty gluten-free version.

To give you some inspiration, Beyond Celiac is pleased to share these gluten-free recipe boxes with you.

Argo Gluten-Free Recipe Box

Cayenne Crusted Coconut Chicken


From appetizers to dessert, the Argo Gluten-Free Recipe Box has recipes that are sure to please your gluten-free customers.  Check back monthly for new recipes!


Recipes from the GREATs

Jehangir Mehta, Maxime Bilet and Maneet Chauhaun
Renowned chefs Jehangir Mehta, Maneet Chauhaun and Maxime Bilet demo’d these gluten-free recipes on the World Culinary Stage at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2014.