GREAT Schools, Colleges & Camps

GREAT Schools, Colleges and Camps is for foodservice directors, dining managers, chefs, registered dietitians and camp directors. This program teaches dining service personnel the essentials of preparing and serving gluten-free meals for students and staff with gluten-related disorders.  It addresses every step from sourcing ingredients to avoiding cross-contact. $100.

Modules include:

  • The Gluten-Free Student
  • Ingredients
  • Back-of-House
  • Serving the Gluten-Free Student
  • Gluten-Free Action Plan

This course includes a 90-page manual to use for training staff and reviewing course content. A certificate of completion is awarded to those receiving 80% or above on the exam that follows the course.

GREAT Schools, Colleges and Camps provides comprehensive gluten-free education to enable you and your team to develop and implement a gluten-free program.

Learning Objectives:

The Gluten-Free Student

  • Identify and distinguish between celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and food allergies
  • Describe who is eating gluten-free and why State requirements for K-12 and higher education schools to meet the needs of the gluten-free students
  • List needs of the gluten-free students

Gluten-Free Ingredients

  • What to avoid and how to replace ingredients
  • Describe gluten and list the grains that contain it Identify naturally gluten-free ingredients
  • Identify hidden sources of gluten
  • List the steps you can take to verify the safety of your ingredients
  • Recognize appropriate substitutions for gluten containing ingredients


  • Explore kitchen hot spots and create a gluten-free protocol
  • Recognize GF products in your pantry
  • Reading labels Identify ingredients that contain gluten Identify allergens regulated by food labeling laws
  • Recognize hidden gluten ingredients on labels
  • Recognize GF certification labels
  • Describe process of GF menu development
  • Identify proper storage location & handling of GF supplies
  • List methods to identify GF supplies & equipment
  • Describe the biggest challenge in offering GF options
  • List elements of a gluten free workspace Identify proper procedure to clean crumbs or flour from a counter
  • Recognize which equipment should be dedicated for GF food prep Identify ways to prevent contamination when cooking

Serving the Gluten-Free Student

  • List the 6 R’s of Customer Service
  • Identify considerations for serving gluten-free students
  • Describe how to handle made-to-order items
  • Describe what to do if a mistake is made Identify steps for addressing a complaint

Gluten-Free Action Plan

  • Identify steps for creating a Gluten-Free Foodservice Action Plan
  • Recognize protocols to implement the Gluten-Free Foodservice Action Plan
  • Recognize the pros and cons of a mandatory meal plan
  • Identify different methods to educate and train your staff Identify ways to effectively communicate your program to gluten-free students and parents