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About Beyond Celiac

Beyond Celiac, formerly known as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to increasing diagnoses of celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders and improving quality of life for those on a lifelong gluten-free diet.

A Little History

Alice Bast, Beyond Celiac President and CEO, founded the organization in 2003 following a long struggle with undiagnosed celiac disease.  Before receiving her diagnosis over 20 years ago, Alice suffered through multiple miscarriages, a full-term stillbirth, chronic fatigue, migraines and many other ailments.  Determined to not let others suffer the way she did, Alice founded Beyond Celiac, the first celiac disease organization dedicated to raising awareness of the autoimmune disease.  Now, Beyond Celiac aims to not only increase awareness and diagnoses, but to also improve the quality of life for those on a lifelong gluten-free diet.  GREAT Kitchens is just one way Beyond Celiac is reaching this goal of improving quality of life by allowing those with celiac disease to eat without fear.

Beyond Celiac in Foodservice

Beyond Celiac takes its role very seriously in regard to educating the marketplace, particularly within the foodservice industry and the restaurant community.

We are, as you can imagine, very close to issues related to celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity, as an organization dedicated to education and programming. We are and have been a part of the gluten-free revolution as restaurants and chefs across the country experiment with flavors and products to meet the medical need.

Now more than ever, we recognize we have an opportunity to insert Beyond Celiac and its goals into mainstream America as chefs and their restaurants are no longer simply places where we dine, but highly visible, celebrity-rich, media-centric brands and destinations with great influence.

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