GREAT Testimonials

“This program is fantastic! The training is thorough and the content presented in a way that is very clear and easy to understand. Using resources provided, I was easily able to design and deliver a training for hourly culinary staff.  By administering a quiz to staff, it was easy to realize who clearly understood the information.

Requiring our chefs and managers, as well as key culinary leaders to attend the online training provided us a strong knowledge base on which to base the rest of our gluten-free program; it has moved us to a higher level.

One of the biggest changes we have made in the way we do things is the design of a dedicated gluten-free menu.  Each meal with is made in a dedicated gluten-free production area for these meals. Prior to completing the training, we were attempting to make gluten-free versions of an item (when possible) in the same production space as the regular version. Our chances of causes cross-contact has decreased dramatically.”

Linda Adams, RD
Director, Sustainability and Nutrition
UC Davis Dining Services – Segundo Services Center

“We’re now in our third year with GREAT Kitchens. The program has provided a method for us to cost-effectively train and test the Minsky’s Pizza staff at each of our locations.

Since we’ve received GREAT Kitchens accreditation, we’ve noticed our positive reviews and social media
conversations absolutely spike. It’s been a sensation. Our customers love our gluten-free menu options.

Working with and GREAT Kitchens has really been one of those experiences that, as a restaurant owner, doesn’t happen very often. They’ve made my job easier – and my customers happier – which translates to greater sales and more frequent repeat visits.

Beckee Moreland was here in person for our initial gluten-free training and she did a GREAT job for Minsky’s Pizza.

Gregg Johnson

“Recognizing the increasing need to provide allergy-free food options – specifically gluten-free, we felt it was critical to build a program that established us as an industry leader, was transparent, safe and reliable. offered a complete package. provided an established on-line training program, consulting service and optional audit verification for additional transparency. I would recommend to any university dining program.”

Greg L. Yeo
Operations Manager
Cal Poly Corp./Campus Dining

“We are very proud to be a part of the Beyond Celiac GREAT Kitchens program.  We believe our association with Beyond Celiac is incredibly valuable and solidifies our values and concerns when working with gluten-free products.”

Adam Goldberg
Fresh Brothers

“Initially, we trained 15 managers through the GREAT Kitchens program. Before the training, the managers had varied exposure and knowledge of celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and providing safe gluten-free options. The training enabled each of them to understand the science behind celiac disease and the effects gluten has on those with the disease. It also gave them step-by-step instructions on how to set up a gluten-free work zone, how to identify foods that contain gluten, how to give GREAT service to those that need a gluten-free diet and how to avoid putting students at risk.

The training did wonders for our team and we have achieved GREAT Schools Status in our kitchens. In fact, as the word spread about the training, I was invited to speak about the program to other managers in our region and we have expanded the training to more than 15 other Sodexo-operated facilities.”

Jason Adams
Resident District Manager
Loyola Marymount University

“Our managers learned a great deal from the Beyond Celiac GREAT Kitchens, and I expect that this training will be a standard component for all new managers.”

George Arnold
Director of Dining

“I do have a passion for what we do for our guest with special needs. The comments, phone calls and actual encounters with our GF guests are so encouraging that we know this has become a part of our ‘brand experience’.

‘Confidence’ is a term we often discuss in our gluten-free training. Our gluten-free guests enjoy their experience much more when they are confident that we know what we are doing, beginning with the ingredients to the finished product on the plate. Our endorsement from Beyond Celiac helps the guest experience in overcoming the concerns and greatly adds to their overall great experience.”

Bob Strate
TaMolly’s Mexican Restaurants

“The GREAT Schools online training tool was very easy to use.  It allowed our managers to complete their training at their own pace, which was a plus for our team.  The training was very comprehensive and instrumental in providing us with the knowledge to implement our own gluten-free station at our residential dining facility on campus and in becoming GREAT School accredited.

Robert Patton CEC
Aramark District Executive Chef
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA