Course Modules: Learning Objectives

Each GREAT Kitchens course offers various learning objectives tailored to meet the individual needs of every section of your restaurant, from the wait staff to the chefs.

The Gluten-Free Guest: Demographics and Needs

  • Identify gluten-related disorders
  • Describe who is eating gluten-free
  • Identify characteristics of the gluten-free marketplace
  • List the needs of your gluten-free guest

Gluten-Free Ingredients: What to Avoid and How to Replace Ingredients

  • Describe gluten and list the grains that contain it
  • Identify naturally gluten-free ingredients
  • Indentify hidden sources of gluten
  • List the steps you can take to verify the safety of your ingredients
  • Recognize appropriate substitutions for gluten-containing ingredients

Back-of-House: Explore Kitchen Hot Spots and Create a Gluten-Free Protocol

  • Recognize gluten-free products in your pantry
  • Reading labels
    • Identify all ingredients that contain gluten
    • Identify allergens regulated by food labeling laws
    • Recognize hidden gluten ingredients on labels
    • Recognize gluten-free certification labels
  • Creating menu options
  • Bringing in supplies
  • Preventing cross-contact

Front-of-House Basics: Using Your Wait Staff to Build Trust and Customer Loyalty

  • Describe how to welcome and seat the gluten-free guest
  • Identify the steps in taking a gluten-free order from the gluten-free guest
  • Identify the steps to communicate a gluten-free order to the kitchen
  • Describe how to serve a gluten-free guest
    • Recognize the safe way to make salad
    • Describe garnishing a plate for a gluten-free guest
    • List the points at which the gluten-free status of an order is confirmed
    • Describe what to do if a mistake is made
    • Assess correct handling of dining scenarios to create a good experience