Becoming a GREAT Kitchen

Going from Good to GREAT

Foodservice professionals who have completed the five-module package are eligible for GREAT Kitchens accreditation.

Get the marketing benefits of becoming a GREAT Kitchen.

Restaurants that are approved for accreditation as a GREAT Kitchen have made the pledge to uphold gluten-free standards and protocols as outlined in the Implementation Checklist provided in the accompanying training manual. Restaurants that complete this step will receive a GREAT Kitchens decal to display in their window and will be listed on

If you are ready to fully implement your gluten-free training, we invite you to “take the pledge” and become a GREAT Kitchen.

Once submitted forms are reviewed, you will receive notification of your status and a marketing package to help you get started.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for your application to be processed. If you have any questions, contact Beyond Celiac Director of GREAT Kitchens Beckee Moreland at or 215-325-1306 ext. 105.

While all new hires must be trained on your gluten-free protocol, GREAT Kitchens renewal occurs every two years. Beyond Celiac will notify you when your renewal is due.

Marketing Benefits

Upon approval of your GREAT Kitchens status, you will gain access to these tools and resources:

  1. GREAT Kitchens certificate for your restaurant.  Proudly display your certificate with your business name!
  2. GREAT Kitchens decal.  Put the Beyond Celiac seal of approval on the window or door of your entrance!
  3. GREAT Kitchens logo. Use on gluten-free menu and website to build confidence and trust with your customers.
  4. Beyond Celiac consumer website exposure on
  5. Website listing, including the hit app, Find Me Gluten-Free
  6. GREAT Kitchens newsletter
  7. Potential article in the Beyond Celiac national consumer newsletter
  8. Social media shout outs on Facebook and Twitter highlighting your GREAT Kitchens status and gluten-free events